Tổng đài IP LG-Ericsson ipLDk-100

Tổng đài IP LG-Ericsson ipLDk-100

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Tổng đài IP LG-Ericsson ipLDk-100
- Mã hàng: L100-KSU
- Tổng đài IP ipLDK100. Nâng cấp 48 trung kế và 128 máy nhánh

- Xuất xứ: Thailan
- Bảo hành: Chính hãng 12 tháng
- Giao hàng: Miễn phí

Sản phẩm cùng loại

Telecommunication system ipLDK is the generation of KTS Ericsson-LG with IP technology support. ipLDK was developed for small and medium business enterprises, it has all the features of LDK system and suggests new additional opportunities provided by the new software. 

ipLDK was developed taking into account the wishes of the Russian dealers and users. The KTS is russified, easy to install and compatible with the local networks.

ILDK has been designed to bring to your business the superior benefits voice networking. LDK can provide a cost-effective networking solution for transmitting ordinary phone calls over your existing data intranet and internet. You can connect multiple sites by using VoIP(Voice over IP), ISDN(Primary Rate).

VoIP Networking
The VoIP board integrates seamlessly with your company’s LAN or WAN and offers transparent networking features to companies who have multiple offices located in remote area. By utilizing networking features such as a centralized attendant, your receptionist can tell at a glance who is on the phone, no matter where the extension is located within your LAN or WAN. Transfer internal calls to your other offices utilizing your existing data network or create unified national numbering plan that allows callers between offices to dial extension numbers without the need to go through traditional network carriers and attract expensive toll rates.

RSG (Remote Service Gateway)
LG's cutting edge IP technology brings you new way of networking. RSG permits remote users and interfaces access to Key Telephone System over broadband IP networks. Remote access services are implemented with KTS Remote Access Application Server employing the system VoIP channels to communicate with remote keysets and RSG.
A major advantage is the ability to carryout a transparent of Key Telephone system from remote connection efficiently by remote area single user.

ISDN Focused
LDK's ISDN focus offers you the widest possible choice of features to meet today's customer demands.
From superior call quality to desktop video conferencing and cutting edge technology to the creation of Virtual Private Networks(VPN) our new generation phone system will deliver the latest voice and data communication solutions.
Using ISDN technology,QSIG supports a wide range of basic and advanced features between Telephone systems.
DID(Direct-Inward-Dialing) permits external calls to be made directly to an extension CLI (Calling Line Identification) allows you to identify incoming calls where you can find your personalized answers and improve customer service.
System Max. call capacity
Single KSU Extension Network side Extension + Network side
EACH MAX 40 48 48 40 40 40 40 16
TOTAL MAX 88(40+48) 40 128(88+40)
The single KSU is maximum extension 48 without DECT.
Double KSU Extension Network side Extension + Network side
EACH MAX 80 96 96 40 40 40 40 16
TOTAL MAX 128 40 132
The double KSU is maximum extension 96 without DECT.
System capacity
Description Capacity Description Capacity
Time Slots
(note A)
1st KSU +
2nd KSU
144 Paging Zone External 3 (MPBE:1, MISB:2)
Internal 15
KSU 2 System Speed Dial 1500(24digits)
Serial Port(RS-232C) 2 (MPBE:1, SIU:1) Station Speed Dial 100(24digits)per station
Alarm/Door bell input 2 (MPBE:1,MISB:1) Last Number Redial 10
External Relay Contact 6 (MPBE:2, MISB:4) Save Number Redial 1
Music Source Inputs 3 (MPBE:1, MISB:2) DSS/DLS Console 3
DTMF Receivers 32 (note B) SMDR 2000
Power Fail Circuit 40 CO Line Group 24
Intercom Group 5 Hunt/UCD Group 15
* Note A;
-. Time slots are used to allocate flexibly to support each function PSTN, ISDN, VMIB2, WTIB, MOH, Paging, Modem, etc.
-. Maximum ports of IP LDK-100 are 132.
* Note B;
-. Option: 2chs/DTRU, 4chs/DTRUII, 4chs/DTRU4
-. Basic: 2chs/MPBE 
Card chức năng lựa chọn nâng cấp hệ thống Tổng đài IP ipLDK-60
1 L60-EKSU Khung phụ tổng đài ip-LDK 60, tích hộp sẳn 3Co, 8 máy nhánh hỗn hợp và một khe cắm mở rộng .
2 L60-VOIB.STG Card VoIP có sẵn 4 kênh, khả năng mở rộng thành 8 kênh hỗ trợ chuẩn H323, SIP, dùng cho tổng đài IP LDK 60
Công nghệ VoIP hỗ trợ:
• Kết nối tối đa 72 chi nhánh với nhau trên nền IP (các chi nhánh gọi với nhau hoàn toàn miễn phí ) ,đồng thời cung cấp các giải pháp cho máy nhánh ipPhone, ipSoftphone, Remote-office, Tele-working
• Gọi Quốc Tế giá rẻ qua trung kế SIP
3 L60-VOIU.STG Module mở rộng kênh VoIP (4 kênh): dùng cho tổng đài IPLDK60
4 L60-AAFU.STG Card Disa trả lời tự động - 4 kênh / 10 phút: dùng cho tổng đài IPLDK60
5 L60-CMU50PR.STG Card nhận xung đảo cực tính cước (Polarity Reversal, 50 Hz): dùng cho tổng đài IP LDK 60
6 L60-MODU.STG Card kết nối qua Modem cho lập trình / tính cước từ xa dùng cho tổng đài IP LDK 60
7 L60-SLTB8.STG Card mở rộng 8 máy nhánh hiển thị số analog dùng cho tổng đài ip-LDK 60
8 L60- CHB308.STG Card mở rộng 3 trung kế và 8 máy nhánh hybrid dùng cho tổng đài ip-LDK60
9 L60- CSB316.STG Card mở rộng 3 trung kế và 16 máy nhánh analog dùng cho tổng đài ip-LDK 60

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